An empowered eastern Caribbean that promotes a culture of human rights, equality, justice and respect for all people.

To strengthen regional capacity for the defence and full recognition of human rights through intersectional collaboration, training, network expansion, development of grassroots HRDs and organisations and sensitisation of policy makers, legislators, government and service providers.

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Follow the flow of ECADE's work as it ripples across the local, regional and international landscape

ECADE and our partners go deeper to address issues affecting LGBTQI+ people in the eastern Caribbean. 

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Board member- Hayden Bethelmy  (Grenada)

Board member- Sean Frederick (Saint Vincent)

Board member- Washington Bramble  (Antigua and Barbuda)

ECADE is an independent umbrella organisation, inclusive of organisations in the small island territories in the eastern Caribbean, from the Virgin Islands to Grenada. ECADE works with LGBTIQ and human rights organisations within the EC to strengthen institutional capacity and provide a platform to strategize and work towards equality within the sub-region.

ECADE's Board of Directors was voted-in by a general meeting in February 2017 in St. John’s Antigua. Most representatives are drawn from a planning committee formed at an introductory meeting of ECADE membership in Saint Lucia in November 2016. This meeting was attended by individuals selected by their local organisations.  ​

The general body elected, at ECADE's first general meeting, a Board of Directors to guide the new entity. The Board is representative of all quadrants of the eastern Caribbean as well as the diverse communities served by ECADE. The Board serves a 3-year term. ​ 

(Front row L-R) Arlene C. Gregoire - DomCHAP, Washington Sherese Bramble - MESH Antigua, Lysanne Charles-Arrindell - SAFE SXM, Lavonne Wise Women's Coalition St. Croix

(Back row L-R) Tynetta Mckoy _ St Kitts Nevis Alliance, Richie Maitland - Groundation Grenada, René Holder-Mclean Ramirez - Equals Barbados, Adaryl Williams - United and Strong, Sean Frederick - VincyCHAP, Hayden Bethelmy - GrenCHAP (missing: Joan Didier, AIDS Action Foundation/OECS-RCM).

Board member- Tynetta McCoy (St Kitts Nevis)

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Board member- Lavonne Wise  (St Croix, USVI)

Our Structure

Board member- Adaryl Williams (Saint Lucia)

At a 2015 Eastern Caribbean Litigation, Advocacy and Strategy meeting convened in Grenada, activists from organisations in the various islands called for the revamp or creation of a regional hub. Now identified as ECADE, this hub builds on the shoulders of the previous network, the Caribbean HIV AIDS Partnership (CHAP). It also draws from efforts by the wider regional grouping CariFLAGS, to advance collaborative advocacy in the region. ​

​The Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality Inc., will rationalize and revitalize regional organizing in the small island Caribbean, building on experiences and lessons learnt from previous efforts to develop a similar structure for advocacy in the region.​

ECADE has made a commitment to actively engage with human rights organisations in 22 countries across the eastern Caribbean. These organisations are expected to be a direct conduit to, and amplify the voice of, the communities they serve. 
Organisations representing the LGBTIQ community serve as ECADE’s core membership,​

Board member- Lysanne Charles  (Sint Maarten/Saint Martin)


​​Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality