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ECADE welcomes new IACHR commissioners
notes Caribbean States’ reservations on human rights

Theme: “Self-development for community empowerment” 

Conference hosts, ECADE and United and Strong are pleased to announce that #CWSDC2017 will be held in Saint Lucia, from October 5-9, 2017.

More than just a conference, #CWSDC is a network, a safe space and an incubator for LBTI activists. 

The CWSDC provides a space for female- and trans-identified activists to strengthen advocacy and develop the regional network of support for activism related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality, with an emphasis on women’s issues. 
​For more on this and previous conferences, see the CWSDC page.

Board members gathered for a three-day accountability and governance workshop in May to build their capacity to better meet ECADE's goals. Consultant Josh Drayton of the University of the West Indies St. Augustine, conducted the workshop, following an in-depth institutional assessment.

The meeting, in Saint Lucia, also reviewed ECADE's policy documents, including its strategic plan. 

The Board left with a better vision and much firmer structure to achieve its long-term goals.

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CWSDC Volunteer Registration

Wouldn't it be fantastic to be part of hosting the 2017 CWSDC?  

If you live in Saint Lucia, you can be part of our 5th anniversary event! 
Just tell us a little more about you by completing the 
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(Castries, June 22, 2017) On the heels of the 47th General Assembly of the Organisation of American Sates (OAS), the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality Inc. (ECADE) welcomes several positive decisions coming out of the meeting. ECADE notes, however, reservations expressed by eastern Caribbean governments in respect of the Resolution on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights. The 2017 assembly was hosted in Cancun, Mexico from June 19 - 21, 2017. 


An empowered eastern Caribbean that promotes a culture of human rights, equality, justice and respect for all people.

2017 Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference​​​


Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality

ECADE's board engages in institutional development

To strengthen regional capacity for the defence and full recognition of human rights through intersectional collaboration, training, network expansion, development of grassroots HRDs and organisations and sensitisation of policy makers, legislators, government and service providers.

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